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Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Sumba Island – update, 2011 DSG

Fellow Rotarians,
As you know, we are doing another DSG this year for Water and Sanitation on the primitive Island of Sumba in Indonesia.  You’ll see slide show in prior post.  Well, here’s the update.  Our friends from RC Bali Ubud Sunset – Past Presidents Sue Winske and Cat Wheeler, along with fellow member Gabe Monson [...]

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The diseases caused by lack of basic sanitation (over 2.4BB people!) or safe water (900MM people) are mind-numbing.  The U.N. has launched a new 5 Year Drive to Sustainable Sanitation, starting on the African continent. Maybe it’s time we had a different “waste appliance”.
Our flush toilet system in the US just doesn’t fit with much of [...]

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