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Madhyar-Pradesh is located in central India.  In the poor village schools (charitable and government alike) there is a need for toilet blocks and safe drinking water.

This project will bring toilets to about 30 schools, and safe drinking water to 10 schools, along with hygiene training to all.

The idea for this Matching Grant (with a non-pilot district) was mentioned to Stewart Martin while at the RI Convention in Montreal just a few weeks ago, by a PDG and new DG who are husband and wife. This is a district sponsored project at their end, but club-sponsored here.

The MG application is drafted, priced, partly signed, and nearly complete. D3040 will provide $10,000 USD. The total needed from D5100 clubs is about $5,030 for a project total value of $32,600.  There are about 400-500 students per school, means about 12,000 to 15,000 students may be benefitted.  Again, great bang for each of our clubs.  It seems that 2 to 4 clubs might participate, including RC Seaside.  If you would like to spearhead this project, become the lead club, let me know; otherwise RC Seaside can assume the lead and you can participate.

Project participants are cordially invited to come to D3040 District Conference in February 19-20, and tour the area and project sites.  The people we are dealing with are experienced Rotarians, are great at email and answering “tough questons”, seem like reliable partners.  Stewart spent about an hour with the husband, on two occasions, in Montreal.  This project is recommended.  Contact Al Peinhardt.

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