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District 5100 World Community Service Meeting Notes
July 21, 2010
As recalled by Ron Kelemen, WCS Chair

We had our 2010-11 kick-off meeting of the District 5100 World Community Service Committee meeting on July 21.  For the 22 of you who attended and the four of you who called in, thank you for your participation.  I regret that the phone conferencing didn’t work very well, but we’ll try different equipment next time.  Meanwhile, if you would like to hear a good-quality recording of our interesting meeting.  It will be available for download through July 30.  (If you don’t have time to listen now, download it now for your listening enjoyment later).

PDG Dick Elixman’s explanation of RI’s Future Vision and our challenges of working with pilot districts is particularly informative, starting about 10 minutes into the recording.  However, we came upon some clarifying information in the past two days, which is posted below.

This was a BIG picture meeting.  What follows is a blend of our agenda and some of the key points of the meeting.  I hope to get this and other information posted on our website:  www.d5100wcs.org.  Our intention is to make these emails and this website as two of our three key methods of promoting WCS.  We will also use the Assistant Governors and the TRF/WCS specialists organized by Jon Woodworth.

1.  Overview–Ron

Our mission:

  • To promote world community service projects to clubs throughout District 5100;
  • To serve as a resource for clubs in their WCS efforts
  • To establish and maintain relationships with clubs and districts in other countries;
  • To partner with the District 5100 RI Foundation Board
  • To educate the clubs on Future Vision and our role as a non-pilot district

The RI Foundation Mission

  • To enable Rotarians to advance
  • World understanding, Goodwill, and peace through the (lots more after the break)
  • Improvement of health,
  • Support of education, and
  • Alleviation of poverty

Project areas:

  1. Peace and conflict resolution/prevention
  2. Disease prevention and treatment
  3. Water and Sanitation
  4. Maternal and child health
  5. Basic education and Literacy
  6. Economic and community development

2. Overview of District 5100’s World Service Goals—DG Barbara Crozier

  • DG Barbara wants the WCS Committee to promote matching grants working through the District Rotary Foundation Committee.  Her vision is that the WCS and the District Rotary Foundation Committee share a group of specialists that will promote TRF and the International Avenue of Service.
  • She wants at least 60 clubs participating in a WCS project either through MGs or partner organizations such as Shelter Box, Medical Teams International, Red Cross, etc.
  • Like many of those actively involved in world service, she wants us to maintain relationships with districts that are pilot districts because in three years the pilot period will be over and we will be able to work with them again.

3. Overview of RI’s Future Vision and District 5100’s RI structure & support—Dick Elixman

  • We have $129,000 available for matching grants.
  • $44,000 is available for District Simplified Grants.
  • At this time the funds are not allocated toward the clubs that give the most to the RI Foundation, but it may become an important consideration when the matching money starts to dry up.
  • Pilot vs. Non-Pilot Districts.  Starting July 1 of this year, 100 pilot districts were designated world-wide.  In a nutshell, for the next three years, non-pilot districts like District 5100 cannot work with Pilot districts, such as the one in Guatemala or in Indonesia.
    • However, non-pilot districts can fund a humanitarian project carried out in a pilot district using a District Simplified Grant.  (We just don’t get the extra bang for the buck with RI matching money.)  Pilot Districts can have a humanitarian project carried out within the district that is funded by a non-pilot district’s District Simplified Grant.
  • Jon Woodworth is the TRF/WCS Specialist Coordinator.  He has a team that roughly parallels the AG regions.  His goal is to get to them to each club twice a year to promote the TRF giving and WCS.  They can also provide support to clubs working on matching grants.

4. Organizing ourselves to promote projects

  • We spent the bulk of the meeting discussing how to assist clubs with projects.  We want to be a matchmaker between clubs wanting to do a project—either financially or “hands-on.”
  • Some clubs are very experienced and active; others want to be but lack the connections or expertise.  Finding reliable international partners is always a challenge.
  • Roger May (Lake Oswego) suggested that those clubs who have active WCS committees publish their meeting times and open them up to representatives from other clubs.  His club info is already posted at www.d5100.org.
  • Other clubs have expertise in certain kinds of projects, such as Micro credit.  We will try to post those on our site.  But meanwhile, if a club is seeking other financial partners, this could be a good way for an inexperienced club to tag along financially and learn something in the process.
  • All clubs seeking partners are encouraged to list their request on our website at www.d5100.org.  If you need assistance posting it, please email your information to Ron Kelemen, the WCS Chair.  During the month of August while Ron is out of the country send your posting to Stewart Martin.
  • We want to use the AG channel to promote WCS and projects to the club presidents.
  • PDG Dick Elixman suggested that we conduct a brief survey of club presidents, TRF chairs, and WCS chairs in the district.  This will give us a better idea of what clubs are planning, doing, and areas where we can assist.  (My notes are blank as to who will get this started.)
  • Through www.district5100.org an email list of WCS chairs and enthusiasts is available to promote projects.
  • We are holding Foundation Fairs to promote giving to the RI Foundation and Projects.  Clubs can showcase their completed projects and promote new ones. The tentative dates are:
  • October 7 Seaside
  • October 9 Portland
  • October 14 Salem
  • October 16 Eastern Oregon

5. New Projects

  • Stewart Martin proposed three new projects—1) Sumba Island, Indonesia water and composting toilets; 2) Madhyar-Pradesh, central India water and toilets; and 3) Bangalore, India, fresh water and toilets.  (Note:  the GSE team will be in that district in January).  Details are posted at (you guessed it) — www.district5100.org

6. Help Wanted!

  • We need a few individuals who can help maintain our website and post updates through Word Press.  It might take an hour or two per month.   Please bring a name or two to our next meeting, or email Stewart Martin.  He’ll provide the training.

7. WCS Committee Positions

  • We though we would ask the District Treasurer to take over our account.  It has little activity and is mostly a holding pond of earmarked funds from other districts and clubs that want to participate in our projects.
  • Kathy Stromvig agreed to be Secretary.
  • Lou Radja from Portland Pearl left early, so we nominated him as Deputy Chair.  Ron will call him and give him the news.

8.  Next Meeting:  September 15 4:00-5:30.  Wilsonville Mercedes (off Stafford Road & I-5).

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