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District 5100 World Community Service Meeting Notes
September 15, 2010

WCS Committee mission:

  • Promote world community service projects to clubs throughout District 5100
  • Serve as a resource for clubs in their WCS efforts
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clubs and districts in other countries
  • Partner with the Districts 5100 Foundation Board
  • Educate the clubs on Future Vision and our role as a non-pilot district

We are cheerleaders, informal clearinghouse – we want to get every club in the district involved in WCS.

Members present:

Ron Kelemen,            WCS Chair             Salem

Kathy Stromvig            SE PDX (our Secretary Extraordinaire and an AG)

Christine Huot                                    Beaverton

Sherre Calouri                                    Beaverton

Christine Ove                                    Tigard Noon

Roger May                                                Lake Oswego

Donna Tewksburg                                    Columbia Ct.

Stewart Martin                                    Seaside (conference)

Vicki Yates                                                Oregon City

Richard Elixman            Tigard Breakfast, RI Foundation Chair

Tom BeLusko                                    Forest Grove

Bob Poole                                                (conference)

John Shirley                                                Salem

How the WCS committee can promote service projects throughout District 5100:

  1. Roger May, Rotary Club of LO has put out an invitation to other clubs to attend their WCS meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30pm at his office.  They have been successful in doing projects and invite other clubs to observe how they do it, or be partners on their projects. They are looking for projects and partners.
    Clubs looking for ways to partner/be involved:  Oregon City, Beaverton (want projects closer to home – Central America so they might visit), Columbia County
  2. Projects available and listed on District 5100 website:  India, Pakistan, Indonesia (matching grant forthcoming from Pakistan to Bob Poole).  Clubs can use their DSG monies to help with these projects.  PDG & Foundation Chair Dick Elixman reminded us that clubs should watch the size of DSG monies going overseas as there is usually no club on the other end to monitor.  As well, DSG monies are usually for one time grants to be used by clubs for a variety of projects, not to be all used up on one project.
  3. As a committee we need to get the word out to clubs in the District that they contact the WCS committee to let us know of existing solid projects.  We can do this via:
    • TRF/WCS specialists connecting with AG’s –
    • MatchingGrants.org
    • Speakers Bureau (which needs to be updated regularly) (some speakers available are Roger May – Creating the Rotary Dream; Newberg Noon club on medical/dental/micro credit
    • It is a challenge for clubs to find projects – we need to have a way to post them in a concentrated area
    • Update our WCS email list – Ron will do this.
    • Keep Website current (Kathy checking with PDX Rotoract to see if someone interested)  FLASH—It looks like she has found someone–Sarah Eadie, a Reed College student and a member of Rotaract. Sarah will contact Stewart Martin to confirm the job details and get some basic training.
    • Put announcements on website:
      • Uniendo Americana Project Fair, – Panama Jan. 27-29; microcredit Jan. 26
      • Toronto Microcredit Conf. Oct. 1 & 2
      • Victoria Microcredit March 5; (www.rotary5020.org/newsletters)
      • Projectlink
      • Rotary.org and send site to presidents.
      • Revisit Partners in Service clubs – take out pilot groups and look where there are projects that need assistance and that we have a solid relationship with
  4. The District’s RI Foundation is conducting educational seminars on
    • October 9             Portland  (The largest & most comprehensive)
    • October 12            Seaside
    • October 14            Salem
    • October 16            LaGrande
  5. These seminars will have presentations (different ones on each date) on projects available for club partnerships.  Dick is looking for more projects that are ready to go but that need money.
    The current list of projects includes water (3), micro credit, a Haitian orphanage, and Rotoplast/cleft palate.  Humanitarian projects cannot be in a pilot district
  6. Clubs can donate monies direct to:

Shelterbox (needs funds as their supplies have been depleted by disasters in Haiti and Brazil) – remember the DSG or matching grants cannot be used with Shelterbox; Medical Teams International; NGO’s; orphanage in Myanmar

Next meeting October 20, 2010; 4:00pm – 5:30pm @ Wilsonville Mercedes

But we hope to see you all at one of the Foundation Seminars before then!

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