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District 5100 World Committee Service Meeting Notes
October 20, 2010

Download a recording of the meeting here (available until November 9th).

WCS Committee mission:

  • Promote world community service projects to clubs throughout District 5100
  • Serve as a resource for clubs in their WCS efforts
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clubs and districts in other countries
  • Partner with the Districts 5100 Foundation Board
  • Educate the clubs on Future Vision and our role as a non-pilot district

Our goal for the year: All 76 clubs participate in at least one WCS project

Members present: Roger May, Dave Ness, Dick Elixman, Jan Paquette, Marni Haley, Joyce Lockhard, Christine Huot, Mat Haug, Jon Woodworth, Ron Kelemen, Rebecca Holm, Vicki Yates, Warren Banks, Dorothy Garrett, Richela Grantz, Brittany Gadburg, Kathy Stromvig, Stewart Martin

  1. Rotoractor Sarah Eadie walked us through the upgraded WCS website with questions asked:
      How can we use the internet to our advantage
      How can we communicate better in this technological age – facebook, twitter, blogs etc.
  2. She challenged us to visit the WCS website at www.District5100.org; go to district committees and when the drop down file appears click on World Community Service; check out pages, links, archives,  tags, preview her blog ( post comments, leave a reply to a post – this is a great place to put goals and objectives for the committee so others can see it).  You can leave a post for  Sarah Eadie on the blog.  Glad to have her expertise on web issues – Welcome Sarah
  3. To find matching grants partners click on  matching grants on the web page
  4. WCS committee overall goals: cheerleading, matching funders with sponsors, connecting clubs who want to partner on projects. – Sarah suggested clubs with projects use  a Smug bug account to advertise their project (pictures) – any questions contact Sarah.
  5. It was suggested that we get a point person to gather all project information from clubs on projects – someone suggested Bob Poole (Kathy will call)
  6. FOUNDATION SEMINARS – Dick Elixman reported that the seminars were a success with 35 new WCS foundation chairs attending.
  7. PROJECT FAIR – Panama – Check out Rotary.org to find out more information about this event in January 27-29 2011. Micro Credit – Jan. 26; Victoria Microcredit March 5 (www.rotary5020.org/newsletters)
  8. Projects needing monetary assistance:
      East Portland Rotary Club – Chile
      Seaside – Water and sanitation – Martin Stewart
      Salem – Mexico Project
  9. $100, of Matching Grant funds are available—Go for it!
  10. District Simplified grant funds left – $21,000.00 remaining
  11. Kathy is in the process of updating/correcting the current  WCS email list with interested person and club WCS chairs.

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