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Happy New Year! It seems fitting to beginning our 2011 blogging with good news. Four District 5100 projects have been approved for funding by Rotary International. Click the ‘Continue Reading’ for summaries of the projects, and links to their respective MatchingGrants.org pages.

Vivistorio Water Project, San Jose, Copan, Honduras | International Partner- Lake Oswego
The goals of this project is to build a 1,500 meter pipeline from a new water source to a new reservoir, build  new 25,000 gallon reservoirs, purchase and install an electrical pump and build a 500 meter pipeline from reservoir to the community, rebuild the community water distribution system and add water service to 100 additional domiciles. To read more, click here.

Village Water Well Project, Bima, Indonesia | International Partner- Salem
The focus of this project is providing clean water for the Tologgeru Village, located west of Bima, Indonesia. Bima is seriously lacking clean water, with the nearest current water source located 10 kilometers away. A water pipe was installed from this source to a storage tank about 15 years ago no longer functions due to harm caused by the accumulation of breaks in the pipe, and occasional tapping. The goals of this project are to drill a well up to 80 meters deep, install an above-ground pump with adequate housing, and repair the existing water tank and increase its capacity. To read more, click here.

School Furniture Workship, Niamey, Niger | International Partner- Central East Portland
An estimated 400,000 children in Niger attend rural schools with no furniture. This project aims to develop a workshop where craftsman will learn to create robust furniture in the patented style created by the Rotary Club of Niamey Croix-du-Sud. This furniture is unique in that it is rust resistant, and able to be taken apart and stored – ideal for Niamey’s rainy season. The completed furniture would serve 10 schools and 500 children. After the project is complete, trained artisan craftsman will be equipped with the tools to continue operating the workshop. To read more, click here.

Computers and Books, Belimbing, Indonesia | International Partner- Salem Sunrise
This project aims to provide books and computers to the 750 children of the 5 elementary schools located in Belimbing, Indonesia. The villagers of Belimbing are farmers and carpenters without the financial means to provide students with enough books and computers to aid them in their studies. To read more, click here.

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