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Hi fellow WCS-ers,

In doing WCS projects over the years, I’ve learned that it’s very helpful to talk with our Rotary friends folks abroad.  It helps really communicate better than email. And regular telephone rates can be outrageous, so instead one can use Skype, Yahoo voice, VOIP telephone, or Google voice. These are free or very inexpensive.  Now for iPhone and Android users there is Fring, and GoogleVoice.

Some WCS regulars use Skype all the time for long-distance calls and conference calls.  I tend to use it as needed (sometimes a couple times a week, sometimes once a month).  I prefer Google Voice, as my DroidX telephone can call all international calls, at pennies a minute.

Using a decent headset lets your hands be free to type or write, and better call quality than laptop or speakerphones.   I like this one a lot (it rests on your neck not head), here is a cheap knockoffThis one looks good.  Here’s a long list of options, starting with super-cheap and moving into better quality.

Lastly, you might set up a time clock so you know what time it is where you’re calling.  (It’s poor form to ring them at 2 am, ya know.)  I use World Clock and have my clock setup like this.

Stew's World Clock Feb2011

Stew's World Clock Feb2011

You’ll have fun talking with Rotarians abroad – and it builds relationships, and “world understanding”.

Stew Martin

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