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Fellow Rotarians,

As you know, we are doing another DSG this year for Water and Sanitation on the primitive Island of Sumba in Indonesia.  You’ll see slide show in prior post.  Well, here’s the update.  Our friends from RC Bali Ubud Sunset – Past Presidents Sue Winske and Cat Wheeler, along with fellow member Gabe Monson traveled an hour or so by air to West Sumba Island, were greeted by natives with a musical/percussion welcome, given gifts and treated royally – because of what you have done in providing them fresh water tanks that collect rain water, and hold trucked water occasionally, as well as eco-composting toilets, all made from local materials.  Founder of our partner, Project Hope Sumba, Ann McCue told me by email yesterday two tidbits:

  • “It was splendid to have Cat, Sue and Gabe with us, and we were all heartened that they saw the absolute need for the water tanks and were able to speak to so many people directly about their lives and how they are affected.”
  • … the progress (next few days) will be limited as there is NO CEMENT ON THE ISLAND!!  Just to show you yet another of the little obstacles we have to deal with. A ship is expected in the next few days, and we will be moving once again.”

Here is a short written report, and to the right is a special presentation with pictures for us from Sue, Cat and Gabe (click on photo below).  It’s a powerpoint, made into a PDF so you can show it on any PC, Mac or smartphone (large file, takes a while to download).

Cover image for Cat report 711


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