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 District 5100 International Service Committee

Meeting Notes

June 21, 2012

We concluded the 2011-2012 Rotary year with a bang.  Over 40 Rotarians and guests participated in our special meeting at Solar World.  

Hillsboro Rotarian Amy Keiter, gave us an overview of Solar World and its social responsibility initiatives.  Her presentation was followed by George Green, IV, a professional engineer and a principal with Water Missions International, an NGO from North Carolina doing water and sanitation projects around the world.  He talked about their project in Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria and how they approach projects from a systematic engineering approach.  They also have projects in Honduras, Kenya, and Indonesia.  He and other representatives were in town to talk about a strategic partnership with Solar World.  He impressed us with what they do and how solar-powered pumps are more sustainable and maintenance free in the long run.

 Seaside President, and past D5100 WCS Vice Chair Stewart Martin gave us a glimpse into the future with the PEP Pilot (Project Enhancement Process) by The Rotary Foundation in cooperation with Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group, commonly known as WASRAG.  He cited studies of other organizations showing that 30-70% of water and sanitation projects can fail within five years – and asked us what our success rate is over time.  More international partners (like our clubs) are involved in the planning and choices around project work; not merely funding. The emphasis for both Future Vision and Wasrag is on good design, planning and sustainability. While Wasrag helps Rotarians with all sizes, the PEP Pilot will apply to larger projects, typically $200,000 or larger (Global Grants over $100K).  You can find a copy of his presentation by clicking here: Wasrag News & Presentation by Stew.

PDG Dick Elixman gave us a short overview of the New Grants Model (formerly known as Future Vision) and how that will affect international projects starting in July, 2013.  We will still do business as usual for matching grants, and things remain the same this year in regards to pilot and non-pilot districts.  So don’t hold back—get going!  However, on top of all of our normal activities this year, we will also have special training sessions.  Any club wanting to participate in an international matching grant in 2013-14 will need to have at least two members (which may include the President-Elect) attend these training sessions.  Here is the schedule by region.  

Roles for 2013:

PDG Christie Halvorson Chair of the District 5100 Foundation, replacing Dick Elixman
Bob Brandon Matching Grant Coordinator, replacing PDG Christie Halvorson
Christie Huot Grants Subcommittee Oversight Stewardship Coordinator
Kathy Stromvig Chair of Grants Promotion/International Service Committee, replacing Ron Kelemen

 Rotary Year 2012-13 Plans

We have $124,661 of District Designated Funds (DDF) available for matching grants

We have $38,665 available for District Simplified Grants (DSG)

 The second half of our meeting was all about getting our new Rotary year off to a strong start.  Via email, DGE Deniel Banks shared this message to us:The following activities are ones that I hope the committee can embrace this next Rotary year.  

  • Continue to be the promotion and educational arm of Rotary’s and the District’s International Service
  • Collect and/or encourage your Rotarian friends to submit 2 minute personal Rotary Moments to be highlighted in YOUR VOICE:  the 2012-13 Club and District eNewsletter.  Send stories and photos to AG Jim Walker at jim.r.walker@comcast.net.
  • Promote the district-wide photo contest and encourage all clubs with International Service projects to submit a photo.  Awards and displays will be at the 2013 District Conference at the Lloyd DoubleTree Hotel from May 17-19.
  • Recruit clubs early the need to get ‘qualified / certified’ to participate in the new grant structure which comes with the launch of Future Vision in July 2013. Training will start next winter.   Set an objective for attendance from each geographic area.  All club PEs will receive their Grant Management training at Pre-PETS.
  • Promote to clubs the value of attending one of the four fall Foundation training sessions.  Set an objective for attendance from each geographic area.
  • Encourage 100% participation by club International Service Chairs or their representative to attend next the 2013 District Training Assembly on April 20 at Lake Oswego High School.
  • Perhaps consider joining me in writing a ‘haiku’ in honor of our in-coming RI President Sakuji Tanaka and Kyoko. 
  • Consider joining in on a ‘flash mob’ or ‘rap’ presentation on International Service with an Interact club at the 2013 District Conference. 

 Well, I’ve given the committee a lot to think about.  You’ve had a legacy of good leadership and the legacy continues.  Thanks for all that each of you do for others who are less fortunate. 

Deniel, DGE

Once again, we have over $124,000 of DDF and $38,000 of DSG funds available.  We went around the room and asked club representatives how much they thought their club had available for international service projects this coming year.  The estimates total about $135,000, and that is from only those clubs present!  This means that we are off to a record year and that all of the DDF and DSG funds could be committed before the end of the calendar year.  We are already off to a great start with a multi-club project in Peru championed by Rotaract and with a proposal for a sewage disposal system in Nicaragua sponsored by the Dallas club.

 Therefore, if your club has a project idea—even if it is only in rough format—please complete this form.  We will add that information to a table summarizing all of the potential projects, their locations, and how much additional funding is needed from other clubs.  The backside of the attachment is the place for you to list what funds you think your club may have available.  We will also publish forms, meeting notes, and useful information in our updated website, located at www.D5100wcs.org

As with last year, those clubs that got their ideas published earlier and promoted them at our monthly meetings, were usually the ones that got enough funding to apply for a successful matching grant.  Please submit these forms to our new Chair, Kathy Stromvig at K.stromvig@comcast.net. For questions, she can be reached at 503-319-3755.  (Please note that although Ron Kelemen will still be an active member of our group, he is no longer the Chair, so please direct all your inquiries, suggestions, and compliments to Kathy.) 

 Next meeting:

Wednesday, July 18, from 4:00-5:30 at the District Office Conference Room, located on the 2nd floor in the AGC Building in Wilsonville.  See you then!

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