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Welcome to Rotary District 5100’s website and blog for District 5100 International Service activities.

Hello, I am Kathy Stromvig, a Rotarian from the RC of SE Portland.  We have designed this site so that all 76 clubs in our district can experience the joys of participating in a International service project or activity. As you can see by the 2011-12 International Matching Grant Participation V6.0 report, we had a very good year for matching grants in 2011-2012. We want you and your club to be a part of this all-important Fourth Avenue of Service. This website has explanations, resources, forms, tips and links ready for your use. If you are stuck and can’t find the answer here, call on our experienced International Service Rotarians. You’ll find the main District5100 website here.

To be on the email list for our newsletter (a periodic), please submit your name, club name, and email me,  Kathy Stromvig.

Does your club have a project but needs other partners? Or does your club have funds available to team up with another club that is already sponsoring a project? Want to know what the International committee is doing? Want to know more about international activities in our district? Or do you as an individual simply want to participate in the International Avenue of Service? We can help. Start here, then contact one of us for further information.

Kathy Stromvig, Chair
District 5100 Matching Grants Cheerleader
503  319  3755

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