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Would you like to experience the “I” in “R.I.”?  The Internationality of Rotary?  Develop a working fellowship with Rotarians and clubs in developing countries? Bring fresh water, health care, prosthetics, medical and dental care to people a poor village who desperately need it?dg-barb-exchanges-banners-dsc04594_resize

Would you like to see a few hundred or thousand dollars transform the lives of people who graciously assist, then thank you with so many smiles and hugs?

These few words cannot express the depth of emotion, the restored hope in humanity, and the wonder that accompanies being engaged in Rotary World Community Service Activities. Your club, and your neighboring clubs, can join in this worthwhile endeavor with gusto! Here’s how:

  • Think of who might join you … and ask a couple other Rotarians in your club to help form a WCS committee – to learn, and start – do it now
  • Invite a WCS speaker to tell their story, how they got involved, and explain the process (it’s easier than you think)sharon-starr-presents-graduation-certificate-dsc03242_resize
  • Read the WCS Handbook, Guide to Matching Grants, and this website to learn more – click, read, calculate – imagine what you can do!
  • Identify another D5100 club that is doing a project, and needs funds or assistance – and help them out; then ask them to give updates and talks at your club
  • Think about the type of project that would turn your club “on” to WCS activity – and find a project you can sponsor. You lead, other clubs will follow or contribute
  • Attend each WCS event – at the District Conference, COMTA (training assembly), a “WCS project day”, Partners in Service – with someone from your club.
  • Go and do – travel on a WCS trip, with another club here or another district – to experience firsthand the joy and fulfillment; then bring back that contagious energy by a talk to your club, and “tell the story” to your Rotary friends.sharon-in-mud-plowing-weeds-dsc04475_resize

Over time you – as we – will get hooked on this fabulous Rotary program, and do more. Together our fellowship and service are weaving a seamless web of activity that improves the lives of thousands of those who simply can’t do it alone. Rotary good works, done well … in an ever-shrinking world.

World Community Service


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