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The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, Board of Rotary International, and others in Rotary have been working for years on a Future Vision related to how humanitarian work will be done by Rotarians. Some key goals were to reduce staff costs, be more strategic, partner with other organizations, make TRF funding more sustainable, and focus the projects. By 2020 TRF projects it will save $6mm in operating costs. That Vision was first a draft for comment, and now it is “final” and you can read about it here.

District 5100 does not plan to participate in the 3 year pilot program, but some changes may apply anyway, so during this transition period keep your eyes and ears open for new developments. For instance, the 2010-11 Rotary year will be the last program year for which the Foundation will award Multi-Year and Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships; Rotary Grants for University Teachers; Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants; Volunteer Service Grants; and Disaster Recovery Grants.  And Group Study Exchange is half as funded (e.g. team out one year, exchange team comes the following year), unless supplemented by District DDF funds.

The Future Vision Plan will modify as the pilot goes along. It is hoped  that all Districts will participate in the roll-out in July 2013 (Rotary year 2013-2014).

From time to time, members of our committee may post updates to the Vision and its progress, by putting a Comment here.


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