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Looking for a project?  Please see our latest update on this site.  Please refer to this FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that describes how to use the site MatchingGrants.org.

In addition to MatchingGrants.org, here is a project listing at WASRAG.org, and another called Project Link. Our District has a Partners in Service project fair each year, with a project list. You can attend a Project Fair in Central America (Uniendo America – late January) or in Mexico each year. Clubs come to Project Fairs with detailed project proposals. Rotarians from developed countries like U.S. and Canada can browse the available projects and talk with the host club promoters.

As you sift through the various options for a project for your club, please keep in mind some basic factors that are more likely to lead to a successful project:

  • be sure your prospective project partner (PPP) is experienced, has studied the project well
  • that the project is based on a verified community need (not just what someone thinks they should have)
  • Is there infrastructure to support the project, like electricity for pumps, teachers in schools, nurses in clinics?
  • Does the representative Rotarian speak English well, and use email or fax regularly?
  • Please review this WCS Project Checklist for the types of things to “check out” before you commit resources from your club or Rotary (maybe not everything, it’s an exhaustive list).

Above all, make sure the project is sustainable - that it uses “appropriate technology“, that replacement supplies and spare parts can be had, that repair methods will be taught, and that community commitment exists to keep it alive. In Rotary, our stewardship of projects is serious business – we don’t want to see Rotary projects fall by the wayside, unused or kaput.

DDF = District Designated Funds, the money which our District controls through the SHARE program.
DSG = District Simplified Grant (the simplest form of Humanitarian Grant for TRF, 1 level match)
MG = Matching Grant (most common type of Humanitarian Grant for TRF, 2 levels of match)
TRF = The Rotary Foundation, the 501c3 nonprofit corporation that is our financial arm
WCS = World Community Service (and in the Host country, “Community Service”)

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