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There is nothing like traveling with Rotary to a developing country – to do, scout out, arrange or see a humanitarian project or service completed. You will experience great Rotary fellowship, and learn a new culture. The sense of wonder and accomplishment will stay with you for years!

In our District, clubs occasionally go on trips to do hands-on activities, scout projects, meet WCS peers, and verify project completion.  Watch for those opportunities here.

Beyond our district, there are many volunteer opportunities for travel to developing countries with Rotarians – go to ProjectLink on Rotary.org, click the box to require “Volunteers”, search … voila, find a chance to go abroad and use your skills.

In addition, if your project would benefit, you can find Rotarian volunteers with expertise or language skills in this Rotary.org database.

As your Club has new travel opportunities for Rotarians, please post them here … you can send content to StewMartin at Nehalemtel.net …. or simply post your Comment below with all the details, email – and it will appear in date order.


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