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WASRAG-USAID logo 2-11Dear Rotarians in District 5100,

I’ve had the pleasure of working in water and sanitation projects, and coordinating club projects here in D5100, for years.  But rarely has there been an opportunity to make such a big impact on people living in squalor, like this one in Ghana.  Please read the message from Ron Denham, the leader of WASRAG – the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group.  [WASRAG is now the official arm of Rotary International devoted to developing water and sanitation projects, and assisting districts and clubs with theirs.]

The Future Vision of Rotary is predicated on clubs and districts joining hands, on larger, cost-effective projects, with strategic partners … like this one.

Please consider using funds from your club – and asking District 5100 to match your contribution.  Then TRF will match those, 1:1; and USAID will match that 1:1.  That means that your club, if it put in $1000 and D5100 matched it, would end up making a $8000 difference!

I have asked Ron and staff at WASRAG to provide more info, and perhaps some photos or video clips … and will update this post when I get it.

Yours truly, Stewart Martin.  Cell 503 dash 440 dash 18 52.   (Here’s Ron’s message, with links below)

February 10th, 2011


Rotary needs your help – to bring safe water and sanitation to the people of Ghana!

I have just returned from a week in Ghana where Rotarians from 16 of the clubs in that country, with support from their international partner, D-7630, are implementing a huge program to bring safe water and sanitation to over 87,000 people in 116 villages. Continue Reading »

Hi fellow WCS-ers,

In doing WCS projects over the years, I’ve learned that it’s very helpful to talk with our Rotary friends folks abroad.  It helps really communicate better than email. And regular telephone rates can be outrageous, so instead one can use Skype, Yahoo voice, VOIP telephone, or Google voice. These are free or very inexpensive.  Now for iPhone and Android users there is Fring, and GoogleVoice.

Some WCS regulars use Skype all the time for long-distance calls and conference calls.  I tend to use it as needed (sometimes a couple times a week, sometimes once a month).  I prefer Google Voice, as my DroidX telephone can call all international calls, at pennies a minute.

Using a decent headset lets your hands be free to type or write, and better call quality than laptop or speakerphones.   I like this one a lot (it rests on your neck not head), here is a cheap knockoffThis one looks good.  Here’s a long list of options, starting with super-cheap and moving into better quality.

Lastly, you might set up a time clock so you know what time it is where you’re calling.  (It’s poor form to ring them at 2 am, ya know.)  I use World Clock and have my clock setup like this.

Stew's World Clock Feb2011

Stew's World Clock Feb2011

You’ll have fun talking with Rotarians abroad – and it builds relationships, and “world understanding”.

Stew Martin

Happy New Year! It seems fitting to beginning our 2011 blogging with good news. Four District 5100 projects have been approved for funding by Rotary International. Click the ‘Continue Reading’ for summaries of the projects, and links to their respective MatchingGrants.org pages. Continue Reading »

Copied from an email from Tom Koecher, International Service head of the Albina Rotary Club. If interested, please contact either Ron Kelemen or John Shirley.

Project Update:

  • In spite of a couple of setbacks, the water harvesting is almost complete.  We have been far more successful than imagined.  The original plan called for 8 tanks of varying sizes, 3 of which would be the largest size, 50 m3 (cubic meters or 13,208.6 gallons). What has actually happened is there will be 7 of the 50 m3 tanks constructed and was made possible through lower construction cost.  Five tanks were completed by the end of July with  the sixth tank completed by the end of September.  Tank #7 is in the final stages of construction and expected to be completed by the end of October.  By exclusively building all 50 m3 tanks, the village of El Ojoche will have an added water storage capacity of 92,460 gallons.  This is a 15,850 gallon increase over the original plan.   The village’s capacity to grow food during the dry season has been well enhanced.
    Continue Reading »

The Google docs spreadsheet detailing club projects and needs has been set up with two posted projects. Click here to access it.

To post a project, send an email with the following information to Sarah Eadie or Ron Kelemen:

Project Title

Host Rotary Club

Host District

Project Location

Project Description

Approximate Total Cost

Primary International Partner if one has been selected

Name, email and telephone number of project contact person

The Portland Rotary Club is looking for funding from other clubs for their micro-credit project in India. The purpose of their project is to provide micro-loans to dalit (untouchable) women in rural Andhra Pradesh, India to develop small businesses. To help, or learn more, check out their MatchingGrants.org page here.

Update: This project is also listed on the D5100 WCS spreadsheet – a localized version of MatchingGrants.org.

Looking for information about the XVIII Project Fair Uniendo América in David, Panama? Look no further. Details are posted on the website.

Books for the World

A World Community Service Project of Beaverton Rotary Club and Many Partners
Joyce Lockard, Coordinator, Tel. 503-533-4190 rj.lockard@frontier.com NOTE NEW E-MAIL!!!

BOOKS FOR LAOS: Our first-ever shipment to Laos was sent off on Sept. 27, carrying 42,800 lb of used university and school textbooks. This shipment was the culmination of five months of collecting books contributed by many donors in PSU, PCC, area school districts and individuals. The photos below show enthusiastic faculty and students of the OHSU School of Nursing, who collected two tons of nursing textbooks, and children in a school in Laos. The Oregonian provided great publicity in print and on their blog.


Laos is the sixth country to which we have shipped used textbooks. Sengdara Communications Inc in Laos generously paid for shipping and will distribute the books to the National University of Laos and many schools.

Continue Reading »

District 5100 World Committee Service Meeting Notes
October 20, 2010

Download a recording of the meeting here (available until November 9th).

WCS Committee mission:

  • Promote world community service projects to clubs throughout District 5100
  • Serve as a resource for clubs in their WCS efforts
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clubs and districts in other countries
  • Partner with the Districts 5100 Foundation Board
  • Educate the clubs on Future Vision and our role as a non-pilot district

Our goal for the year: All 76 clubs participate in at least one WCS project

Members present: Roger May, Dave Ness, Dick Elixman, Jan Paquette, Marni Haley, Joyce Lockhard, Christine Huot, Mat Haug, Jon Woodworth, Ron Kelemen, Rebecca Holm, Vicki Yates, Warren Banks, Dorothy Garrett, Richela Grantz, Brittany Gadburg, Kathy Stromvig, Stewart Martin

  1. Rotoractor Sarah Eadie walked us through the upgraded WCS website with questions asked:
      How can we use the internet to our advantage
      How can we communicate better in this technological age – facebook, twitter, blogs etc.
Goofing off for a student photo at a summer ESL program where I worked as a teacher's assistant.

Goofing off for a student photo at a summer ESL program where I worked as a teacher's assistant.

Hello! My name is Sarah Eadie, and I will be assisting WCS Chair Ron Kelemen in keeping this website updated.  My academic background is in Mandarin Chinese. I’ve been studying the language for about 4 years: 2 years in high school- 1 of those years spent abroad in Beijing -and 2 years at Reed College. I continue to study Mandarin on my own, and plan to eventually return to China to work and finally master the language. In the meantime, I’ve chosen to stay in Portland. In the past month and a half that I’ve been back, I rediscovered my love for web development (I used to make tons of little sites as a kid) and hope to marry it with my interest in social media and make it a career. I freelance for The Asian Reporter for the extra cash, networking, and because I enjoy writing.

I learned about Rotary through a friend of mine who went to Argentina in high school through Rotary Youth Exchange. He heard I was looking for opportunities to meet motivated young people in the city, and suggested I attend a Rotaract meeting at PSU. It was there that I met Kathy Stromvig (now an A.G), and volunteered to help with this website.

My first task, suggested by Stew Martin Continue Reading »

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