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Sumba – a neolithic paradise?

There is a remote place where people still live in the stone age … a modern day megalithic “paradise.”  They use special colorful sea worms to begin their springtime jousting, to make the soil rich and productive. That place is Sumba Island, in the center of thousands of islands in the Indonesia archipelago.
But life is not [...]

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Myanmar Orphanage project

Is your club new to water and sanitation projects? Want to make a big difference in the lives of needy children?
Here’s a great project: Myanmar Orphanages – www.myanmarwater.org

I suggest you start reading the tab “About Us”, then “Why Water”, then “Get Involved”.  Then look at the photo-show and text on how the system is designed.
With an [...]

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Dear WCS  Rotarians,
A picture speaks 1000 words.  So it is with WCS projects.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where all our project photos could be displayed?  Both for our partners overseas, and for  participating clubs and members here?  Everyone could view them, send email links to friends and other Rotarians.  We could even [...]

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